Recent Completed Transactions

2021 - 2022

20220630 First REIT - IFA_Eng.jpg
20220630 Azventure Investments Ltd. - IFA_Eng.jpg
20220210 AEI Corporation Ltd. - IFA_Eng.jpg
20220128 First REIT - IFA_Eng.jpg
20210930 Audience Analytics - IPO Placement Agent_Eng.jpg

First Real Estate
Investment Trust

Azventure Investments Ltd.

AEI Corporation Ltd.

First Real Estate
Investment Trust

Audience Analytics Limited

20210920 Chocolate Origin_Eng.jpg
20210805 Leader Env Tech (Rights)_Eng.jpg

Chocolate Origin (Pte.) Ltd.

Leader Environmental Technologies Ltd.

20210616 Pteris global_Eng.jpg

Pteris Global Ltd.

20210420 Sunpower_Eng.jpg

Sunpower Group Ltd

20210616 Top global_Eng.jpg

Top Global Ltd.

20210326 Legend Logistics_english.jpg

Legend Logistics Ltd.

2019 - 2020

LMIR Trust_Eng.jpg
20200900 Leader Environment.jpg
20191118 Datapluse Technology_Eng.png
20190930 Tanaka Optical_Eng.png

Lippo Malls Indonesia

Retail Trust

China Jishan Holdings 


Leader Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Datapulse Technology Ltd.

FLO Optics Pte. Ltd.

20190917 Delong_Eng.png
20190917 Star Pharmaceutical_Eng.png
20190830 Datapluse Technology_Eng.png
20190710 FSL_Eng.png
20190412 FSL_Eng.png

Delong Holdings Ltd.

Star Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Datapulse Technology Ltd.

First Ship Lease Trust

First Ship Lease Trust

20190412 Hyflux_Eng.png

Hyflux Ltd.

2017 - 2018

20181230 JAST_Eng.png
20181008 The Place_Eng.jpg
20180828 CH Offshore_Eng.jpg
20180716 Weiye Holdings_Eng.jpg
20180702 Mirage Green.jpg

Japan System Techniques
Co., Ltd.

The Place Holdings Ltd.

CH Offshore Ltd.

Weiye Holdings Ltd.

Universal Engeisha Co., Ltd.

20180712 Sunpower_Eng.jpg

Sunpower Group Ltd.

Delong Holdings Ltd.

20171217 First reit_Eng.jpg

First Real Estate
Investment Trust

20171005 Compact_Eng.jpg
20170904 Lafe Corporation_Eng.jpg

Lafe Corporation Ltd.

20171217 Delong Holdings_Eng.jpg

Compact Metal Industries


20170904 First reit_Eng.jpg

First Real Estate
Investment Trust

20170904 Aztech_Eng.jpg

Aztech Group Ltd.

20170731 CFCG_Eng.jpg

China First Capital

Group Ltd.

20170619 Nobel design holdings_E.jpg
20170504 Top global.jpg

Nobel Design Holdings Ltd.

Top Global Ltd.

20170410 AIM Eng.jpg

Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Corp. Ltd.

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