Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) / Placements

Leader Environmental Technologies Limited

Sin Heng Heavy Machinery Limited

Ziwo Holdings Ltd.

Falcon Energy Group

Dapai International Holdings Co. Ltd.

China Animal Healthcare Ltd.

Memstar Technology

China Auto Electronics

Yong Xin International Holdings Ltd.

China Sports International Limited

China XLX Fertiliser Ltd.

Unionmet (Singapore) Limited

Ouhua Energy Holdings Limited

Sound Global Ltd.

Communication Design International Ltd.

China Hongxing Sports Ltd.

Reyoung Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited

Global Testing Corporation Limited

Man Wah Holdings Limited

Pine Agritech Limited

Sunpower Group Ltd.

Asia Tiger Group Limited

Falcon Energy Group Ltd.

Medi-Flex Limited

Junma Tyre Cord Company Limited

Snowcity International Holdings Limited

Fibrechem Technology Limited

Bright Orient (Holding) Ltd.

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